In 2021 we partnered with Ready to Grow Gardens to bring a garden-based outdoor education to our 3rd grade students. Through this program students get to explore and learn about Science and nature based on a curriculum that matches what they are learning in the classroom. Every month our Students loved going out to our outdoor space to plant, harvest, and learn. 

We would have not been able to bring this program to our school if it wasn’t for the support from our Postma families, local community, staff, and PTO.

Garden Days 21-22

Garden Days 22-23


Thanks to the ongoing support we are able to continue to grow our garden and continue to provide this opportunity to our 2nd and 3rd grade Pumas.



Thank you to all the volunteers who helped build our school garden.




Our new outdoor learning space came together the summer of 2021.



Thanks to our PTO Dads for building our tables and RCW Nursery for our beautiful landscaping.




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 Business Sponsorships for the 23-24 school year are now available. 

Thank you Rhythm Energy for becoming our first 23-24 Sponsor as a Gold Sponsor!

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