The mission of the

Charlotte Davis Burns Science Resource Center

is to support and enrich the science program in Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D so that our students will achieve the goal of scientific literacy.


The Charlotte Burns Science Resource Center provides support throughout the district and at all grade levels with:

  • 3rd Grade Nature Trails -every 3rd grader visits the nature trails to learn about simple machines and participate in environmental activities. Each group will have hands on activities with inclined planes, levers, pulleys and wheel and axle, and then also learn to use the compass and to navigate through 6 stations.
  • 5th Grade Nature Trailsevery 5th grader visits the nature trails to participate in a variety of environmental activities.

Volunteers are needed to help facilitate the activities. Details on training dates will be sent by your child’s 3rd & 5th grade science Teachers and will also be available on our calendar as soon as we have them.

  • Special demonstrations -to nurture curiosity as well stimulate interest and motivation in learning. Your PTO board has been trained on specific demonstrations to bring to Postma students.

Check out our 21-22 demos

Check out our 22-23 demos



The Science Resource Center is always looking for extra volunteers and donations.

For more information visit their website page:Charlotte Davis Burns Science Resource Center

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