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October 20th-3rd grade garden day

10/26/2022 5:01 pm


In October students are focusing on learning all about Monarch Butterflies and their fascinating migration!  Make sure to ask your third graders about our Texas State Insect and a fun fact that they learned. 
While in the garden today students took part in a discussion about the monarch life cycle and were able to see two of the stages live in my butterfly habitat. (pupa and larva) Our garden teacher was very impressed with their knowledge of science vocabulary (migrate, migration, predator, larva, pupa, monarch). They went into the gardens and looked at the sprouts that are coming up. Unfortunately the army worms have arrived in the gardens and are eating some of our sprouts. They had a discussion about food chains and the fact that the birds might like to have the army worms as a meal. They got to remove as many as we found. The students planted more seeds in the empty spaces.











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