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1st garden day for 2nd grade September 15th

9/15/2022 9:29 pm

In September students are focusing on learning about our fall crops and the parts of the plant that we eat.  Ask your 2nd grader about roots, stems, flowers and leaves that we eat!
While in the garden today students learned all about what parts of plants we eat (root, stem, leaves, flowers, seeds). They were shocked that we eat all of those parts. While in the gardens they turned the soil and added nutrients to most of the beds. They were able to plant either carrot or radish seeds in the vegetable beds.  Some groups planted some parsley seeds in the herb bed. Others planted flower seeds in the butterfly beds. There was a monarch caterpillar in the early morning and a monarch butterfly during the afternoon for the kids to observe. Dragonflies were plentiful as well. We smelled the herbs in the herb bed. Some groups discussed the weather conditions and what makes our gardens grow. (water, sun, space, nutrients, air) The gardens are marked with labels -- most of them don't have seeds yet. (Radish, carrot, Flowers, Parsley) - - were all planted today.






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